Caesar Shakeup Salad

Caesar Shakeup Salad

A new legend is born! Tucked in a bed of baby romaine, this remix on a familiar classic has everything you love about the original, plus crunchy pretzel bites for a modern twist. Top it off with creamy Caesar dressing and tell your old lunch it's ancient history.

Wheat, Milk, Egg
VEG: Vegetarian
VGN: Vegan
GF: Gluten-Free
DF: Dairy-Free

Frequently Asked Questions

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When will my order be delivered?

Salads and greens are delivered every week on Wednesdays from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Orders for the upcoming week can be placed through 11:59 PM on Thursday night. Orders placed after that will be delivered the following Wednesday.

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What are you doing to make sure the delivery is safe?

It is very important to us that we keep everyone safe in delivering during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our crew wears masks, gloves, and all other required safety gear when packing up and handling your order. Additionally, our deliveries are contactless.

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When will my card be charged for the Fifth Season recurring delivery subscription service?

If you're making a one-time purchase, your credit card will be charged at that time. If you're a subscriber, your credit card will be charged every week, or every other week if you're on a bi-weekly schedule, on Thursdays.

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How do I cancel my account for Fifth Season's recurring salad subscription?

Subscriptions require a three-purchase minimum. After those three purchases have been made, you may cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, access your account by clicking “My Subscription” in the navigation bar, log in to your account or create an account using your email address associated with your subscription. After you log in, you select “Subscriptions” from the menu on the left. You will see an option there to cancel.

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Can I skip a delivery if I have a subscription?

Yes, you can skip any delivery you’d like. Simply access your account by clicking here or by clicking "My Subscription," logging in to your account, and select Schedule from the menu on the left. Next to each scheduled delivery, you’ll see an option to skip. Skips must be scheduled by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday before your Wednesday delivery. If you’d like to indefinitely pause your subscription, click the button at the top of your page, and select your desired week to resume.

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Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the following zip codes: 15001, 15003, 15005, 15006, 15007, 15015, 15017, 15019, 15024, 15026, 15027, 15031, 15034, 15042, 15044, 15046, 15049, 15051, 15055, 15056, 15057, 15060, 15064, 15071, 15075, 15076, 15081, 15082, 15086, 15090, 15091, 15095, 15096, 15101, 15102, 15104, 15106, 15108, 15112, 15116, 15120, 15122, 15123, 15126, 15127, 15136, 15139, 15142, 15143, 15145, 15147, 15201, 15202, 15203, 15204, 15205, 15206, 15207, 15208, 15209, 15210, 15211, 15212, 15213, 15214, 15215, 15216, 15217, 15218, 15219, 15220, 15221, 15222, 15223, 15224, 15225, 15226, 15227, 15228, 15229, 15230, 15231, 15232, 15233, 15234, 15235, 15236, 15237, 15238, 15240, 15241, 15242, 15243, 15244, 15250, 15251, 15252, 15253, 15254, 15255, 15257, 15258, 15259, 15260, 15261, 15262, 15264, 15265, 15267, 15268, 15270, 15272, 15274, 15275, 15276, 15277, 15278, 15279, 15281, 15282, 15283, 15286, 15289, 15290, 15295, 15321, 15339, 16046, 16066

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How do I give feedback on my order?

Simply go to our Contact Us page, click off the box that says "I have feedback on my order" and let us know what it is!

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Is your packaging recyclable?

Currently the cardboard box in which your products arrive, as well as the plastic packaging that holds the greens and salads, is all recyclable. The silver insulated lining is unfortunately not recyclable, however, we are actively working on procuring a replacement liner that is. We hope to make that upgrade in the near future. At this time we're not able to take back the insulators for reuse due to food safety protocol. The ice packs are also not recyclable, but they're reusable! To find the nearest recycling facility near you, click here.

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Do I need to be home when my package is delivered?

We offer contactless delivery, so you don't need to be home. Our greens and salads are packed with ice packs, so they'll stay cool if left outside for a short while.