Our Mission

growing tray of spinach

We believe that solving the world’s most pressing problems requires bold vision and thoughtful action. We embrace technology to make lasting changes in our world.

So, we’ve reimagined the food system with a simple first step: growing healthy, good-for-the-planet produce — right here in Pittsburgh.

We created a different kind of world for our greens; our plants grow up in a happy home, made so by robotics and cutting-edge AI to deliver less waste and more freshness.

This is a forward-thinking farm: a space that nourishes people and bolsters communities. Leafy greens are just the beginning as we move forward in revolutionizing farm to plate.

And when everyone can enjoy the successes, we’ll be proud to say it all started in Braddock.

The Back Story

In 2015, our founders met at Carnegie Mellon University and discovered a shared enthusiasm for collaborative robotics. They saw the opportunity to positively disrupt the food industry by bringing the most advanced tech to farming, as well as a chance for that new food system to bolster the community around it. Pittsburgh’s history of industry innovation, coupled with its recent robotic renaissance, made it the perfect launchpad for the founders to grow their greens, and their company.

Our team is comprised of dreamers and doers. From our packaging and distribution team, to our engineers, scientists and creatives, our plant people fill a multitude of roles to keep our greens happy and healthy. We love what we do, and who we do it with.

Fifth Season founders
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Our Commitment