Great Grows Here

We set out with a goal to build a farm that pioneers the next frontier of agriculture — one that’s hyperlocalized, and focused on both nourishing and bolstering the community around it. That idea is blossoming in Braddock, and has the potential to take root anywhere, and everywhere.

We root for Pittsburgh

Wherever our farms land, it’s important to us not just that we’re in your neighborhood, but that we’re part of it. Working with the larger community is what drives us to keep growing, learning and building.

Interested in becoming one of our community partners? Drop us a line.

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Green is What We Do

Our entire team is driven to do right by our planet. By reducing land and water use, we are a sowing the seeds toward a more sustainable food system.

wooden bowl with micro greens

We use
97% Less Land

We use up to
95% Less Water