How it started:

Find love.

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How it's going:

Found lunch.

How it started:

Follow my dreams.

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How it's going:

Followed a recipe.

How it started:

Find the perfect dress.

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How it's going:

Found the perfect dressing.

How it started:

Run a marathon.

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How it's going:

Ran an errand.

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Remember when everyone wanted to write their memoir, get 12-pack abs, and master a sourdough starter at the beginning of quarantine? Yeah, us too.

With one hectic year under our belts, we’re ready for a fresh start: a fresh start that involves taking our W’s where we can get them. At Fifth Season, we consider every bite a small win of its own—and a step toward more kindness for ourselves, our bodies, and our community.

Let’s Eat

Little Victories for All

No matter how you munch, Fifth Season brings the flavor & freshness.


Bye-bye, Boring Lunches

Simple lunches made with the best greens, toppings, and dressings out there.

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