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Fifth Season Is Starting a Recipe Blog, and We Want YOU to Contribute

Ali Trachta
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Fifth Season is kicking off a recipe blog that celebrates not just the joy of green ingredients, but the stories that are folded into the them. Starting now, we're accepting pitches on a rolling basis, so please hit up our inbox.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Seasoned writers to provide a complete recipe (with ingredient list and steps) along with a well-told anecdote that gives the dish some life. Solid storytelling skills are required, and attention-grabbing ledes are a must.

In case you’re wondering if the recipe needs to be a salad, it doesn’t. (Though salads are welcome!) It merely must contain a leafy green in some form. Lettuce, spinach, kale, arugula, Swiss chard, collards -- whatever you like. Give us a great idea on how to dress it, saute it, roast it, toss it in pasta, bake it, sandwich it or make it an attention-stealing side.

But more importantly, give us some interesting context about it, and you.

What does that look like? Below you’ll find examples of the kind of work we want to publish.

A note about these writing samples: They’re not carbon copies of the format our blog will take. Most of these dishes don’t even contain greens, (All the more reason we’re starting this blog!) and some don’t actually include the recipe, whereas every post on our blog will. Some are also longer than we’d typically publish. But it’s the engaging tone and excellent prose evident in these pieces that we’re after. 

We’d love for your story to:

Make us cackle:

Like Samantha Irby does over and over when she explains “How Cheeseburger Macaroni Got My Stepkids to Like Me” in Heated.

Give us a window into your life:

Such as Deb Perelman does expertly in her recipe for Morning Glory Breakfast Cake on Smitten Kitchen, in which she describes trying every trick in the book to get her son to please, please NOT be a morning person.

Introduce us to a character:

As Domenica Marchetti does in The Department of Salad (scroll down to find her piece) when we meet her Aunt Gilda, who had a thing for cool Italian fashion, hot summers, and satisfying rice dishes.

Reveal a greens-based recipe that’s shockingly good:

Like Deb (hi again, Deb!) Perelman does in Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for Kale Salad with Pecorino and Walnuts in which she reveals she once thought we should all stop pretending kale tastes good...until she ate this.

Break our hearts a little:

Such as Besha Rodell so eloquently does in "An Ode to Gravy," where she explains how a simple dressing brought her family back to life.

Got something?

Send pitches along with at least one writing sample to Ali Trachta at

Some housekeeping:

- Once a pitch is greenlit, the story should be 350-600 words, not including the recipe.

- Photography is not required. 

- Compensation is competitive.







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