a food revolution in the city of steel

Fifth Season is pioneering a simple solution to our complicated food system. We’re building vertical farming with new technology, for healthier, fresher greens, and more of them, right here in our local community.

Why the
world needs
Fifth Season

We took a hard look at how we grow, harvest, and experience food, and found that we’re too disconnected from freshly-picked greens. How did it become so complicated?
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Photo courtesy of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh produce

In this town of grit, we're growing the freshest greens

We’ve planted our roots where steel was forged, in the shadow of the first mills.It takes a city of industry to start a whole new one, and we’re not taking any short cuts, just like those before us.
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We’re working tirelessly to take sustainable farming to new heights. Making fresh-picked produce always available, from just around the corner.
All of us at Fifth Season are proud to build on Pittsburgh’s legacy of industry-defining innovation. We’re hoping to make Pittsburgh proud of us.
Efficient Design
Smart Growing
Helpful Robots

More room to grow.

Our 60,000 sq. ft. solar-powered farm has a 25,000 sq. ft. grow area—twice the capacity of traditional vertical farms. Our smart design allows us to produce and market over 500,000 lbs. of produce in our first year of operation.

The city never sleeps. Neither does our technology.

Our robots always make sure we’re growing the freshest possible greens. Climate and temperature controls ensure farming conditions are always perfect. Sowe’re always growing 24/7, all 365 days of the year.

Giving nature an upper hand.

We can stack and grow greens at unprecedented heights, because our robots can easily move plants up, down, and sideways, ensuring they always have the perfect growing conditions.

Ready for picking

Technology monitors plant conditions 24/7 and knows when produce is at its peak. Robotics do the heavy lifting to retrieve trays for distribution. So this morning’s ripe greens becomes tonight’s fresh salad.
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Founded on principle

We’re the nerdiest farmers you’ll ever meet. Fifth Season grew out of auspicious beginnings at Carnegie Mellon University. We discovered our combined skills for robotics, business, computers, and engineering could be channeled to find a better way to feed the world. We’re starting right in our neighborhood.

Smart design

Through AI, robotics and data analysis, we tend to each plant’s individual needs, and provide the perfect light, nourishment, and environment for healthier produce, higher yield, better flavor.
vertical farming design
Our mission is to harness the power of robotics and AI to create a simple system where fresh food doesn’t mean compromise. Our solution grows high-quality produce at commercial scale and competitive cost – 2x more efficiently with 2x the capacity of traditional vertical farming. As access to arable land is shrinking and pesticides pollute our environment, we think it’s high time for a Fifth Season.
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Setting a fresh standard

Our fresh, tender lettuces, spinach, kale, arugula, and herbs get very special attention. Sensors monitor their every condition—humidity, pH, light, nutrient mix—adjust to plants’ needs, and are picked at the exact right moment. We can even determine the perfect nourishment to give varietals their own buttery or crispy, soft, sharp, or tangy flavor and texture.

More room
to grow

Our 60,000-sq.-ft. solar-powered farm has a 25,000-sq.-ft. grow room with twice the capacity of traditional farms. Our smart design allows us to produce and market over 500,000 lbs. of produce in our first year of operation.
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