So fast and so fresh!

Salad kits bursting with flavor and loaded with plant-based protein. Your new on-the-go meal solution is here.

Crunchy Sesame and Sweet Grains salads exploding from packaging

Ambitious Greens,
Local Roots

We’re growing the best produce you’ve ever tasted inside a technology-powered farm next to a legendary steel mill. In a way, that captures exactly who we are: A coalition of forward-thinkers advancing a new standard for fresh food in line with Pittsburgh’s tradition of fortitude and ingenuity.

Our sustainable, vertical farms use game-changing robotics to make eating fresh greens possible all year round. Take one bite and suddenly you’ll know what you’ve been missing.

When fresh food meets fresh ideas, the Fifth Season begins.

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Illustration of the Fifth Season farm building in the Pittsburgh landscape

Well-Nurtured Nature

Bowl of mixed greens
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Non gmo
No Worries
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Grown Indoors
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Less water, less land, less stress

Refresh, Rethink, Reinvent

We’re on a mission to use sustainable technology to change the food system globally — starting right here, in our hometown of Pittsburgh.
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